Logistics and Organization


Victoria and Angelica are Casamar’s dynamic duo of event organization, logistics, support, and management. They provide non-stop support throughout the planning process and are behind the scenes and on-site before, during, and after events. They keep timelines running smoothly, manage guest needs, and ensure flawless execution of all event stages. They are special-requests-gurus and are known to commit guest food allergies, seating arrangements, and even event playlists to memory.

Most importantly, the term “impossible” is not in their vocabulary.

Victoria Castilla | Event Organizer and Manager

A true Cartagenian, Victoria was raised in Getsemaní, Cartagena’s artsy, more edgy quarter. She is a charismatic, infectiously lively woman who brings her love for life, music and gathering with great company into everything she does. Victoria’s involvement with Casamar was no coincidence; she was drawn to the company’s collaborative, family-like culture and its leader, who pushes everyone to persevere in making dreams come true through impeccable service.

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Angelica Díaz | Event Organizer and Manager

Angelica began her professional career as an industrial engineer, and her foray into the world of event planning was, of all things, unplanned. One day in 2010 Angelica offered to fill in for a suddenly bereaved member of Eddy’s staff. Eddy, Angelica’s lifelong friend, knew she would be up to the task of an almost 24-hour day of non-stop logistical support for a large wedding in Barú Island. That day, the world shifted into focus for Angelica - her pragmatism and organizational skills were the perfect complement to the high-stress, fast-paced environment.