Photo Credit: Sarina Roth, Never the Rock Photography

Photo Credit: Sarina Roth, Never the Rock Photography

“I love showcasing the best Cartagena has to offer by personally escorting couples through the city and on scheduled vendor visits. Discovering Cartagena first-hand is part of the beauty of being engaged and planning your union in this destination. Planning should be an experience as exciting and stress-free as the wedding itself.”

María Gloria Cardarelli

María Gloria was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and has always been magnetized by the ease with which the Caribbean carries its glamour. A dancer and musician from an early age, it’s no surprise her passion for design and the arts led her to the world of weddings, though she first went through a career as a corporate attorney to get here.

In 2017, life -in its mysterious wisdom- led her to Cartagena. The beauty and culture of the city and its locals captivated her. Its location, history, modern infrastructure, and thriving economy made it all the more alluring. Then she met Eddy, whose gracious, hospitable nature is a perfect mirror of Cartagena, and the connection was inevitable.

María Gloria has since left her law practice in Atlanta to join Casamar, where she works with international couples who, like her, have discovered that Cartagena is the ultimate gathering point for celebrations. She consistently sees how factors that are initially regarded as drawbacks (language, culture, distance) are what make it so perfect. Her years as an attorney sharpened her intense work ethic and desire to bring about exceptional outcomes for her clients. She now leverages those tools and her sensibilities for creativity and the arts, to create impeccable experiences for couples and their guests. Sharing one of life’s most meaningful chapters with a couple is a very personal experience, and María Gloria believes in developing a rapport based on communication so that the resulting event is as unique as them. She is fluent in English, Spanish, and Italian, and is here to make this meaningful chapter of your life a magical experience.


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