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“Once it’s time to create, it’s just me and the flowers. Working everything by hand and from the heart is a beautiful process that produces inspired creations. More than a profession, floral design is a labor of love.”


Kleiver Ruh Floral Designer

For the past 7 years, Kleiver has managed a wide network of Colombian harvesters, from whom she sources year-round top selections of the highest quality flowers and foliage. Kleiver, along with Miguel Torrealba, is also in charge of Le Bouquet’s warehouse. Le Bouquet, Casamar’s sister company, is a neighborhood floral boutique and warehouse, and a preferred stockist throughout Cartagena’s vigorous event and hospitality industry.

Kleiver’s design process is focused on tapping into the client’s unique vision and expectations.  As a result, there is a constant stream of new inspiration to absorb, which keeps each project fresh.  She begins by brainstorming with her clients to understand their goals for the event, and identifies optimal flower sources to lock down top quality selections.  She then communicates with the other planning, design, and catering teams to create cohesive style experiences that support each other and further the main vision.

Kleiver believes that every detail is important, especially when it comes to the bridal bouquet, which is often a starting point in the design process as it must project the bride’s individual essence and influence the event’s style aesthetic as a whole.  In non-traditional weddings, where bouquets are not requested, finding ways to personalize the use of flowers without a bouquet can also be an unexpectedly rewarding experience for couples that offers the whole wedding planning team valuable insight into a particular wedding’s personal style story. On event days, Kleiver enjoys leading the charge, galvanizing design and staging crews to build impeccable and imaginative spaces.