A destination wedding in the Caribbean doesn’t have to be a one-size fits all event in a resort in Mexico, Dominican Republic, or Jamaica, and stress-free or affordable doesn’t have to equal cookie-cutter.

If you’re wondering where to have your destination wedding, keep reading to learn about Cartagena and why it’s the best destination wedding location.


Cartagena was one of Spain’s most important ports in the West Indies and a storehouse for all the New World treasures controlled by the Spanish Empire.


Cartagena is beautiful. Its unique architecture is not only historically significant, but also of staggering proportions and beauty. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its impeccably maintained colonial architecture, its impenetrable system of monumental fortifications, and its stunning castle overlooking the Caribbean on one side, and the walled city on the other.  Don’t just imagine visiting a historic castle --imagine getting married in it!


After the invasion of Sir Francis Drake in 1586, the Spanish developed an impenetrable fortification system -- the most extensive in South America. The stories of colonization and revolution are alive throughout the magical walled city, and you can see it in its plazas, mansions, churches, and fortresses.


After a fifteen minute drive from the international airport, a passage through the ancient 8 mile-long stone fortress that embraces the Old Town ushers you into a sanctuary of grandeur and romance. Soon enough your body syncs to Cartagena’s exotic, relaxed sway.


Amsterdam, New York, Miami, Toronto, and Atlanta are just some of the cities with direct flights to Cartagena.


Ancient architecture is perfectly complemented by modern infrastructure and world-class hospitality. Experiences range from low-key, to artisan, to high-end and in-between.  Depending on what you desire, authentic as well as luxury options abound.

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Cartagena Is The Best Destination Wedding Location For You And Your Guests to Explore.

See What Others Are Saying About This Magical Destination:

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“With chic rooftop bars for watching sunsets, idyllic island day trips, and salsa clubs serving up mojitos that’ll blow your mind, it’s no wonder that Cartagena, Colombia, has become a mecca for jet-setters. The South American city is at once sexy and exotic — music clamors throughout narrow cobblestone alleyways; colonial plazas overflow with locals dancing after dark. And thanks to a burgeoning culinary scene that fuses Latin American and coastal Caribbean flavors, there’s yet another reason to plan a trip.”

- Vogue

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“This dramatic and historic slice of Colombia's Caribbean coast is centered on the fabulous colonial city of Cartagena, whose raw beauty, superb food, thumping nightlife and historical significance bring a steady stream of visitors year-round. Around Cartagena is a slew of worthwhile day trips, including the lovely Islas del Rosario, the curious Volcán de Lodo El Totumo and the fabulous stretch of white sand that is Playa Blanca. You won't ever find yourself off the beaten path here, but you'll quickly understand just why so many people find Cartagena and its surroundings so alluring.”

- Lonely Planet.


“Bogotá may be Colombia’s heartbeat, but Cartagena is certainly the crown jewel. Situated right on the sparkling Caribbean coast, this destination impresses with its 18th-century walled city, its candy-colored collection of old colonial homes and soaring clock tower and its maze of cobblestoned streets that weave through the historically significant forts, buildings and churches. The pinnacle of the city is the UNESCO old town, but there’s far more to Cartagena than just the packed eight miles inside. The outer town features a more real city… the trendy Getsemaní barrio is holding its own against the old city, with vibrant street art, thriving cafés, bars and restaurants and some of Cartagena’s best museums. It’s got a grit that you’d expect from a Colombian city, but not the crime — making it an interesting and refreshingly safe place to stroll through no matter the time. One other thing this beautifully complex city has going for it are the beaches, which are touted as sexy as Miami Beach. As you walk along the peninsula of Bocagrande, you’ll be bombarded with fashionable Cartageneros sipping cocktails on patios or gorgeous women sunbathing in brightly hued swimsuits.”

- Forbes Travel Guide

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“To walk the sultry streets of Cartagena de Indias, the vibrant Caribbean port on Colombia’s northern coast, is to feel a Gabriel García Márquez novel come to life. The Baroque domes of the Cathedral of St. Catherine of Alexandria and the San Pedro Claver church rise above the city’s narrow lanes like Neapolitan confections. Women dressed in ruffled skirts of red, blue, and yellow—the colors of Colombia’s flag—sell fresh fruit from baskets perched atop their turbaned heads.”

Architectural Design.


Cartagena has some of the most beautiful colonial architecture in Latin America. A great bar scene. Amazing food and architecture. It’s as far from its image as a murder capital as you can imagine. And people are heartbreakingly welcoming and happy to see visitors who have come to their beautiful country for something other than to talk about narcos and violence. The beaches along the coasts are as unspoiled as your wildest fantasies. And yet many people still don’t go—I would urge you to put aside the stereotypes. If you want to find bad people in Colombia, you can surely find them, as you could in New York or Los Angeles. But nowhere have my crew and I been treated better or with more kindness and generosity. I’d bring my family on vacation there in a heartbeat. And hope to soon. As I said before: Colombians are proud. Let them show you what they are proud of.

-Anthony Bourdain

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